Who doesn’t love the story of Alice in Wonderland? For years I have wanted to create a series of images featuring my take on the story, and that idea is finally becoming a reality

This is the first in a series of paintings featuring the Queen of Hearts and my Alice.

This blog also covers the process of preparing my surfaces to paint.


1. First step was to prep the board to paint on. I like to prep multiple boards together as prepping spans almost two weeks overall-time consuming!

I size my board, Ampersand Hardboard, first with three coats of PVA, which seals the board and prevents the paint from being too absorbant. The oils from the paint and ground could eventually eat away at the board, and we don’t want that, so the PVA provides a stable surface for the ground and eventually, my oil painting. No photo to show this stage-sorry!

2. Next step is to apply a ground to the board, which is white as you can see below. I apply 3 coats of oil ground, having to wait for each coat to dry in between before a new application is applied.


3. Next step: I apply an Imprematura to my board, using Burnt Umber oil paint. It’s a thin coat of paint, essentially a stain. When that stain is dry, I transfer my sketch to the board.


I am now ready to paint! I like to mix as many colors ahead of time as possible, working background to foreground.


I always keep my sketches nearby for reference.

Queen in progress!! Background is finished.


Queen close up.


Alice in progress. I love how it appears that the Queen cut off Alice’s head right now. More to come!


Painting is finished!