Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog, so I thought I’d jump start the first blog of the new year showing my painting process for newly released EP by one of my favorite bands, Pulling Punches, titled, “The Old Colors are Dead”



Pulling Punches to Release ‘The Old Colors Are Dead’

Definitely check these guys out!



I always like to hear from clients what they are looking for first, it helps me to have a starting point to begin brainstorming ideas and composition. Here is my rough sketch that I will work from to complete the final painting.





Painting time! I love working with monochromatic palettes (a palette of a range of values of one color…feeling the blue on this one ). I also would like clarify that I paint using oils for both my fine art paintings and my illustration work. I start by mixing up my colors on my palette, that way, I can get more painting done without having to stop continuously to mix up new colors (although this does happen).





I didn’t show this step for this blog, but I prep my own surfaces, and my choice for this painting is illustration board. I prime it with three coats of gesso, sanding in between, and tape it foam core (to keep it from warping). Early stages of my illustration, I always start in the background and work forward. Less chance for error and easy to make corrections. Plus, it helps the painting to feel more finished early on which allows for a clearer view of the final illustration. I usually do a wash in the background, but this time decided not too, didn’t seem necessary with the monochromatic palette, so I painted directly on the white surface.







More painting progress! A glimpse at my work station.

2015-08-21 15.09.24

Sky is finished, worked on the tree and a land a bit. It’s important for me to start these areas before moving onto the house. Painting the house first, and then the background could result in me having to repaint on the house to fix some errors, so always trying to avoid wasted time.


2015-08-21 15.49.21

House in progress and started to paint around the fence.


Almost done, after I finished painting the house, I continued to work forward in the painting. I try to abide by some simple guidelines when painting: background to foreground (back to front), or inside out, top to bottom. These simple guidelines really help to make the painting process efficient, this should be the most fun part of the entire process so when I get to it, I like to push through as cleanly as possible, with the least amount of error. Any problems I try to work out in the sketch stage.






The finished illustration.

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Pulling Punches released the album on vinyl through Creep Records. Limited Edition run on splash vinyl, so rad! Logo design by Ken Adams (http://www.k3n.com/)-very cool to sharing the spot with this fellow, extremely talented and one of the nicest dudes. Check him out!