What is the Painted Prosthetic Project? It’s a project, on it’s way to becoming a non profit organization, who recruited artists to paint prosthetic legs. The legs will go up for auction in early 2017, and all proceeds donated to Warriors Pathfinder. The project was founded by Jon Palestini and James Bissett. The exhibit of the legs will be held Friday January 6, at Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, PA. See you all there!

Some of the artists involved include Buddy Nestor, Mab Graves, Rachael Bridge, Chet Zar, Megan Buccere, Kristin Bunyard, Chris Haas, Richard Oliver, Shaken Hollow, Gus Fink, and many more.

I wanted to document the process of my painted leg for a few reasons. This cause is fantastic and I’m so thrilled to be a part of it. It’s been a very different project for me to work on as I’ve never painted in the round before. This leg was also helping me get through a difficult time, so it’s very personal. It’s a great feeling knowing that the time and energy put into this project, will benefit others, from the buyer, to the veterans. I hope you enjoy the images below. Be sure to check out for more info and donation opportunities for you to get involved.

First part of the project was to get a leg. I contacted my awesome friends (Ken Schuler and Bethanne Busch) at Oddporium Gallery of the Peculiar and Bizarre in Arden Delaware. “Hey Ken, do you know where I can get a prosthetic leg?”-wouldn’t you know, they had 3 in stock. Not going to lie, I was a bit overwhelmed at first. How was I going to transform this leg and still maintain the integrity and nature of the original prosthetic, which is pretty amazing.

I first had to remove some nuts and bolts and materials on the interior and exterior of the leg.
I then sanded down the fiberglass and then primed it with multiple coats of gesso. I was working on prepping some coffin paintings at the same time. Two birds with one stone.


Staining the leather harness. Repeated this process a few times. I followed the stain with a layer of gloss varnish to add some shine. Word of advice: check your metal pans for holes. I ended up with stain all over the floor at one point! 🙂


Sketched out my idea on the leg.


I mixed up my colors and started the painting process. I paint using oils- how was I going to paint this 3d leg, with oils, and not mess it up? Very carefully. . .

Maneuvering the leg around in different positions to paint the leg was a challenge. Keep in mind the paint was wet.





Wet oil paint is the best! Especially the reds.







Before and After



Years ago, I used to make books by hand. I would cut the pages, bind them by sewing, etc. . .This project gave me a reason to get back into that. I decided to make a folder that would hold some additional items for the buyer of the leg. I cut the book boards, and assembled it all from scratch. It feels like an extension of the leg and was a lot of fun to work on.




Keep a look out in January via the Painted Prosthetic website for information on purchasing any of the legs.

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Left leg: Chet Zar ( )

Right Leg: Mine

Hi- Fructose Magazine featured an online article about the project in December.


Hope to see everyone this Friday January 6th at the opening at Arch Enemy Arts Gallery in Philadelphia, PA!!!



January 12, 2017 UPDATE! Photos from the opening at Arch Enemy!


Center leg: Lady Graves

L to R: My Leg, Shortiez Ink, Shaken Hollow, Chet Zar

With Jon Palestini, founder of the Painted Prosthetic Project
Gus Fink (has a leg in the project), Emi Boz, Lee Tarc, Me, Addie Spicer