Alla Prima Portraits

Alla Prima Portraits, completed in oil, various sizes and years. All completed from observation (no photo references). Alla prima (Italian ” at the first attempt”) is a direct oil painting method, completed in one sitting, and with a rapid approach.


Photo of me with all 18 portraits I completed during the month of March, 2018. (Some are also featured below.)



Detail, Self Portrait as Medusa







Ken Schuler / Photographer / Owner Oddporium, Arden , DE



K3N Adams / Graphic Designer / Artist / Blacksmith / Clobbersaurus/ Designer of all artwork for Lamb of God


Pam Slaton / Delaware Artist


Mark Thousands / Musician / Former projects include My Body My Blood, Comin Correct, Burnin Thousands, Leeway.




Self Portrait ( final alla prima portrait session, March 2018)



Bruce Marvel / Lead Singer, Blackhand (doom metal)



“Lee”. Guitar/Vox: Disaster Committe. Bass/ Victory Boy.



“Jess”. Jess McIntern. #fightlikejess




“Joe”. Joe Hoddinott of Phojoegraphy.



“Ric” Monster / Pin-up Artist, Ric Frane. Co-owner, Talleyville Frame Shoppe and Gallery.



“Wendy M.” Artist and co-owner of the Talleyville Frame Shoppe and Gallery.



“Self Portrait at 35”



“Rick”. Rick Hidalgo, artist, and owner of RH Gallery, Hockessin, DE





“Erica Jane”



The Iron Maiden, Ellen Durkan