Artist Statement

I am a contemporary oil painter and illustrator, but the two have always been synonymous for me. They both share similar aspects, especially style and execution. Ominous shadows, both real and imagined, are found throughout my work, as are large eyed characters in warped settings.

The stories unfold and continue to expand in my work. It’s almost like a series of knots somewhere in my brain that I’m trying to unwind and organize to make sense of. Each new painting is another piece of the puzzle.

Themes such as fear and loneliness pervade my work. But I hope there is a sense of strength and determination that comes through. My paintings are usually not how they first appear, that’s what many viewers have told me. They’re not as “cute” or even as “dark” as some people initially think, they’re somewhere in between. I think this reflects on me as a person.

In recent years my work is evolving.  I’ve also returned to portrait painting, something I’ve greatly missed over the years. In March, 2018, I completed a series of 18 alla prima oil paintings, completed working from live models in my studio, spanning four hour sessions each. This was one of the most demanding projects of my career, and one of the most rewarding. I am an advocate from working from life, so this series was a testament to that. I am currently working on exhibition plans for this series.

The beauty of the evolution of my work is seeing that all of these different facets still feel like me and are all coming from the same place. I have never been a fan of labels, or boundaries. Those are dangerous. I just want to keep painting and growing as an artist and continue making connections with people through my art. That’s what it’s all about for me.



Photo courtesy of Joe Hoddinott.