Today’s blog is to show the progress of my paintings, A Date with Creeper. The final painting is 16”x20”, oil on hardboard, currently on display at Pop Gallery, Santa Fe, NM as part of their annual all female exhibit, Pop Femme Sugar Coated Strange.


The earliest stage is the drawing phase. This is one of the earlier sketches I did for this piece. I usually begin with a really rough thumbnail sketch, just to establish the idea. This is a later sketch that I manipulated in Photoshop, exploring the placement of the forms.


This is one of the earliest progress painting shots. The background has an ‘imprematura”, a light stain of burnt umber and turpentine. This helps to establish the true colors when painting, vs. painting directly on a stark, white background. The image is drawn on top of the imprimatura when it is dry.


I always begin in the backgrounds first. It’s a way to establish the mood of the piece, but also, the most efficient way to draw or paint that works for me. If I spend all the time in the foreground first, chances on, when I move to the background, I will accidentally paint back into the foreground, which means I will have to fix some mistakes.


The background is just about complete.


A Date with Creeper is finished, dry, and framed.


Detail shot.